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Natural Face Lift Massage

Our natural face lift massage is a wonderful way to relax, rejuvenate your skin and rediscover your sparkle.

Based on the ancient Indian medical science of Ayurvedic healing, this therapeutic, incredibly relaxing and anti-ageing face lift massage treatment is designed to prolong health and natural beauty.

The face lift massage consists of a sequence of circular motions, gentle sweeps and rhythmic light massage strokes with palms, fingers, and the pads of the thumb. It is performed without the use of oils or lotions and will help to replenish your skin’s natural vitality, reduce the signs of ageing and bring a beautiful glow to your face.

Natural Face Lift Massage (60 minutes) - The Benefits

Our natural face lift massage will help to:

  • tone facial muscles, tighten facial contours and lift your face
  • leave the skin glowing and more youthful in appearance
  • prevent and reduces wrinkles, habitual expression lines, puffiness, bags and age spots
  • brighten eyes and improve skin elasticity
  • soften the skin and refine pores
  • enhance the supply of nutrients to your skin cells
  • promote better blood and lymphatic circulation
  • release stresses and traumas locked deep into the muscles and energy of the face, head and neck
  • relieve stress and stress-related symptoms, such as sinusitis, headaches, eyestrain, jaw stiffness and insomnia

During the treatment, acupressure points and meridians are stimulated by the therapist's hands to re-balance and re-energise your body and mind. No needles are used in this treatment.


Tropic Skincare's multi award-winning, vegan skincare products can also be used at the end of your face lift massage to make your skin feel extra special and nourished.

These "Before & After" photos show the difference Tropic can make to your skin, in just 28 days.

Tropic's skin and beauty products are freshly made using sustainably sourced, premium, natural ingredients that promote better health and a more youthful complexion.  If you wish to browse the huge range of Tropic products, you can visit my online shop.

"I'd been looking for a de-stressing treatment as I have a family, demanding job and travel lots with work. In the past, I've tried facials and never felt much benefit, but I'm hooked on Nicola's Natural Face Lift Massage. It's amazing and really hits the spot.

During the treatment I switch off and think of nothing. The techniques used as part of the massage, together with the skincare products brighten and lift my face. I feel wonderfully-radiant inside and out and leave feeling very relaxed."


Our therapist holds a Diploma in Facial Rejuvenation (Natural Face Lift Massage) from The London Centre of Indian Champissage International (LCICI). If you would like to try the Natural Face Lift Massage for yourself, Contact Nicola to book your appointment.

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