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Highly recommend Nicola for visceral manipulation and myofascial release. She is very skilled and knowledgeable and has treated a painful shoulder, tight neck and lower back. Nicola has also done liver and abdominal work which has helped improve digestion, increase energy and lower sugar cravings. Bonus!


I find Nicola to be highly skilled and experienced. I have been having osteopathic treatment by several different practitioners without the improvement I expected - so wish I had discovered Nicola's blend of effective techniques earlier. Especially the trigger point therapy, myofascial release and visceral manipulation. Highly recommend!


Following a hysterectomy and horse riding accident I was left with pelvic and back pain. I was desperate to get on top of this constant pain so that I could return to normal life. I tried lots of therapists, but it wasn't until I started treatments with Nicola that things changed for the better. She has also helped me with acid reflux and to get off my anti-acid medication. I am so grateful to Nicola for her skill, knowledge and support.    


My back feels amazing this morning and having endured many sleeplessness nights due to chronic lower back pain, I slept well last night. Can't thank you enough Nicola. 


I've been having weekly massage for 20 years for a muscle disease and this is the first time I've ever had my neck pain properly addressed that has also helped my headaches. Highly recommend trying Nicola for treatment. She's very knowledgeable and experienced


Wow! As a bad migraine sufferer I've tried a lot of different treatments with no joy. After my first massage treatment with Nicola, I had no migraines for 3 weeks. I'm so glad to have found her. 


I'd been looking for a de-stressing treatment as I have a family, demanding job and travel lots with work. In the past, I've tried facials and never felt much benefit, but I'm hooked on Nicola's Deluxe Facial. It's amazing and really hits the spot. During the treatment I switch off and think of nothing. The techniques used as part of the massage, together with the skincare products brighten and lift my face. I feel wonderfully-radiant inside and out and leave feeling very relaxed. 


I'm a runner and found Nicola who helped my tight, sore body out with an amazing massage prior to taking part in a recent marathon. It's the first time I've experienced the techniques she used which they really did work. It's the best massage I've had to-date. Thank you Nicola!


I've been taking pain killers for the bulging discs in my low back, and not been able to exercise like I used to for a couple of years now. With Nicola's professional treatment, I've now been able to come off the pain killers and start exercising again. Thank you Nicola.

Paul J

Just wanted to say thanks again for your massage – my neck especially is feeling a lot better!


I started seeing Nicola, to try and help my tension headaches/migraines that I have been suffering from for many years. I have tried numerous (unsuccessful or only intermittently successful) treatments before, including massage, acupuncture, analgesia and physiotherapy exercises.


The massage treatments I have tried before have all ‘de-stabilised’ my neck, initially bringing relief, but then causing my neck muscles to go into spasm, creating yet more migraines. Nicola’s massage techniques release the tension on my neck, without ‘de-stabilising’ it. I am therefore finally able to achieve relief without analgesics! Thank you Nicola!


After a few short weeks, I have gone from walking with lots of pain in my hip, to moderate, intermittent pain. I am hoping in the next few weeks to be able to go back to training. For me, the unique service Nicola provides is the holistic advice on health and nutrition in addition to the physical remedy. She provides you with an alternative option to one where you may not have considered before in enhancing your health and wellbeing.


A huge thanks to you Nicola for your professional treatment. My back and shoulders are feeling wonderful now. 


Thank you for the massage today Nicola. I can’t tell you what a relief it was!! My back and hip feels so much better. Amazing!


I had a 90 minute deep tissue massage from Nicola to release stress and tension from working long hours at a computer. It was the best massage I’ve ever had.


It’s great to have more movement in my shoulder after just one massage with Nicola.


Nicola has provided professional and extremely effective treatment for both weight loss and massage. Her massage has really helped with the pain in my neck and shoulders. I have lost 9 lbs and 11 inches in 5 weeks on her nutritional weight loss program and feel great. Thanks for the support and help Nicola.


Thanks again for helping me mend! I joined in the “trial time” at the canoe club on Monday – slow going but the first time I’ve been able to do it in 21/2 months, so a great achievement! So great to be able to get back into canoeing properly and I really appreciate all that you have done for me.


Thanks Nicola for an informative nutritional talk particularly on how to eat smarter and sustain energy throughout the working day.  Useful tips and education re: reducing caffeine seemed key for our staff 🙂

Katie, Lightfoot Solutions

I really enjoyed Nicola’s thorough massage technique following an endurance event.
She eased through my aching muscles while taking great care that I was comfortable. A very thorough treatment from an excellent therapist. Definitely recommended!


I play golf at least twice a week and have been receiving treatment for a lower back problem from a top chiropractor in London. During the course of this treatment, I developed sciatica in my left leg. After further treatment by the chiropractor, he recommended that I have some professional massage to complement his treatment. I felt that it made sense to find someone locally and found Nicola’s website which gave me the confidence to contact her and arrange a session with her before returning to the chiropractor. I found her very knowledgeable about the particular difficulties I was facing.

After the first session, my chiropractor was very complementary about the work Nicola had done on my back, which made it easier for him to treat me. After a second session with Nicola, the discomfort and pain has eased considerably and I intend to continue to work with the chiropractor and Nicola to ensure that I maintain the flexibility in my back and avoid any recurring problems. I would be very happy to recommend Nicola to anyone in need of professional and sympathetic treatment.


I am a fit and very active P. E. teacher with various caring roles i.e. my son who has learning disabilities and my elderly mum-in-law. Massage therapy and nutrition has played an important part in me achieving greater well-being and maintaining my health.

Depending on how I am at that time Nicola will recommend which massage is best for me. Due to various sports injuries I have had deeper tissue massage plus hot stones which has lessened stiffness and immobility. If I am feeling stressed I have a milder, more soothing treatment which enables me to relax and switch off. The nutritional support also plays a large part in reinforcing and maintaining my health, including boosting my immune system.


I decided to enter a Swimathon, something that was always going to be a challenge for a non swimmer. After approx. 8 weeks the swimming got better, but my legs were in a lot of pain. In fact, it got to the point where I could barely walk. I found Nicola’s website and called straight away. To my satisfaction, Nicola was very attentive right from the first conversation, booked me in straight away and began working on my legs.

I’ve seen many physios, massage therapists, chiropractors etc in the past, but none of them have spent as much time as Nicola actually working the issues. I also like the fact that I feel in control, since Nicola is always very keen to hear exactly where I am having problems so she can concentrate her efforts in the right places. It hurts as times, as it should, but that’s fine, as the end result is less pain and more movement. I continue to use Nicola and am very satisfied with the treatment I receive. I’d certainly recommend Nicola to others.


Nicola came to us for a corporate wellness day and provided head, neck and back massages for our hardworking developers. The feedback was extremely positive. Nicola was polite and professional and fitted around our working schedule. We hope to engage your services again in the future.

Justine, Fiserv

My Doctor who performed my surgery was well impressed with my blood test results. She said she hadn’t seen such good results for a very long time, which really proves your nutritional advice and programme works.


Oh Nicola I love my life! I’m seriously feeling great, more of energy and less of fatigue. Improving my nutrition has helped a lot to maintain a normal lifestyle even working nights.


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